Age marks / pigmentation marks

Age marks are formed when pigments accumulate in the epidermis. They are harmless skin mutations that appear as we grow older. Frequently, they show on the face, on our hands, forearms or décolleté.

What causes age marks

Age marks are caused by the increasing number of free radicals that are for instance released by the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes and mainly exposure to excessive UV radiation. In general, we may say: The brighter someone’s skin is and the higher the UV radiation it was exposed to was, the more likely the person is to show age marks when they grow old. Depending on the individual lifestyle and genetic disposition, age marks can already appear at the age of 40.  The older we get, the more concentrated and bigger our age marks usually become.


How to remove age marks

Age marks can be removed by advanced lasers. Our day clinic deploys alexandrite, NdYag-lasers and limelight-IPL to remove age marks. The laser selectively destroys the pigments without affecting the surrounding tissue. It takes about 2 weeks for the slight scabbing to heal and disappear completely. Depending on the intensity of the age marks, 2-3 treatments sessions will be required.

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