Age-related slack skin

Life leaves its marks – also on our face. Frequently, this is reflected by the skin losing its elasticity and vigour. Apart from a respective genetic disposition, slack skin is frequently caused by excessive sunbathing, incorrect or insufficient skin care or other external factors (such as smoking). Last but not least, a loss of dermal elasticity is also a symptom of time, which we can, though, alleviate through effective treatment options.

Slack skin – a matter of your connective tissue

Among other factors, slack skin is age-related and caused by our connective tissue losing its elasticity. Varying in the respective intensity, principally everybody experiences this symptom. Particularly disturbing, slack skin is considered if it affects our upper arms (bingo wings), thighs or face. However, the abdomen can also be affected.

Gentle skin tightening

By now, we know various highly effective, non- or only minimally-invasive procedures that allow for tightening the skin of our face and body. These methods comprise micro-needling and laser treatments (fractional CO2 laser or 3D-skin rejuvenation by titanium laser) all the way to lipolysis and acoustic wave treatment.

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