Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) for cellulite treatment

Cellulite is an issue for nearly every woman. Consequently, a large range of treatment approaches are offered and promised to be effective by the beauty industry. As a matter of fact, cellulite cannot be conjured away. Continuous treatment will effectively help to reduce cellulite, though. At our clinic, we have successfully treated cellulite type 1 to 3 with Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT. Applying this method, two different kinds of high-energy acoustic waves, oscillating at high frequencies, are introduced into the body. As a result, metabolic processes are encouraged and the perfusion is being increased. Likewise, AWT serves to tighten slack skin.

Cellulite treatment through Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic waves gain more and more in significance in aesthetic medicine. Prime indication for applying Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT is cellulite. The extracorporeal shock waves (ESWT) common in lithotripsy and pain treatment were specifically modified to so-called acoustic waves for dermatological-cosmetic applications. AWT has various effects on the individual types of cells and tissue. The improvement of metabolic processes and blood flow and e.g. the new formation of blood vessels or increased cell proliferation result from these shock and acoustic waves. In the course of Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT), two different kinds of high-energy acoustic waves, oscillating at high frequencies, are introduced into the body.

The benefits of Acoustic Wave Therapy

  • the cellulite is visibly reduced already after 4-5 treatment sessions
  • pain-free
  • no inactivity period due to the treatment
  • also serves to tighten slack skin
  • helps reducing subcutaneous fat to support diet, cryotherapy or injection lipolysis (“anti-fat injections”)
  • helps reducing scars and stretch marks
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Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT treatment course

Prior to the treatment

A one-to-one appointment with Mr. Dr. Ledermann serves to first of all find out if the treatment will help achieving the aspired result. We will analyse your body mass in order to define the extent to which your cellulite should and can be treated. And we will take photos of you before the treatment to compare the actual to the achieved state.

During the treatment

Acoustic Wave Therapy is applied while you are lying. The respective hand piece will be applied to the area to be treated, whereas special oil ensures the best possible energy transmission. First, so-called planar waves increase the fat cell membranes’ permeability (C-actor). Then, so-called radial waves (D-actor) serve to press the fat out of the cells and to intensely stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood. This activates the tissue’s metabolism. As a result, the skin regains its tightness and bumps are reduced.

Treating 2 different areas (e.g. front side of both thighs) requires 20-30 minutes. Treating 4 different areas (e.g. back side of thighs and bottom or thighs on the front and back side) will take 50 to 60 minutes. AWT is pain-free. However, if very slim patients are treated on spots right above bones, they might feel a slightly unpleasant sensation. In such cases, the dose or intensity is to be reduced accordingly.

After the treatment

Usually it takes 4 – 5 treatment sessions until first results can be seen. To achieve lasting results, we recommend a sequence of 10 treatments at one week-intervals. AWT treatment does not require any special precautions to be taken after the treatment. You should, however, ensure a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink a lot of still water. Stamina training combined with targeted strength training (such as Powerplate!) can be a valuable addition to Acoustic Wave Therapy. Mr. Dr. Ledermann will gladly assist you will all questions regarding physical activity and healthiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make use of Acoustic Wave Therapy?

AWT is intended for all women who suffer from type 1-3 cellulite – irrespective if their thighs, bottom, hips and/or belly are affected.

What does AWT do to my body?

In Acoustic Wave Therapy, shock waves encourage the formation of new connective tissue. The radial waves serve to press the fat out of the cells and to intensely stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood.

When will I see the results?

Usually it takes 4 – 5 treatment sessions until first results can be seen. However, really good results will require a sequence of at least 10 treatment sessions.

For how long will the achievements through AWT last? (How many treatments will be required and at which intervals?)

To achieve lasting results, we recommend one or two sequences, each of 10 treatments at one week-intervals. Once the treatment has been completed, the results will continue to improve for another 2-3 months and remain stable for about the next 4 months. We recommend undergoing another sequence of 4-5 treatments after about 6-9 months or alternatively 1 treatment session per month regularly.

Will my cellulite fade completely?

With rather young patients who suffer from light cellulite (type 1), the cellulite might disappear nearly completely. If the degree is a rather severe one (type 3), at least the bumps will be reduced and the skin will be tightened to achieve a smoother complexion.

Are there any adverse side effects related to AWT?

No. The acoustic waves have no adverse side effects on your body. In pain treatment, extracorporeal shock weaves have been used for years. If your skin is extremely sensitive or if you suffer from starburst varices you might – in rare cases – suffer from shallow bruises. We exclusively apply our Acoustic Wave Therapy by using the “Cellactor SC1” made by Storz Medical AG, a leading provider in the shock wave research sector.

How much will Acoustic Wave Therapy cost me?

Treating small areas (such as the front side of the thigh) will cost you CHF 110,– per session (which lasts 20-30 minutes). Large areas (such as thighs and bottom or the front and back side of your thighs) will amount to CHF 195,– per session (of 50-60 minutes). For more information on package treatment fees, please refer to our Price List.

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