Fibromas – also known as pedunculated warts – are harmless nodules (dermal eversions) consisting of connective and other supporting tissue. They are caused by the growing of specific connective tissue cells (fibroblasts). Pedunculated warts are a quite frequent phenomenon. They are experienced by men and women likewise.

What are fibromas?

Fibromas are benign dermal growths and usually harmless. There are hard and soft fibromas. While hard fibromas frequently appear on our legs (e.g. resulting from insect bites, sore hair follicles or inflammations of minor injuries), soft fibromas usually show on face and neck.

How to remove fibromas/pedunculated warts

From a medical point of view, fibromas generally do not require any treatment. However, many of the people affected by them feel disturbed by the minor skin growths and would like to have them removed. However, please note: Fibromas should exclusively be removed by qualified medical staff. Do not attempt to do so by yourself. Before a fibroma is being removed it should be presented to an experienced physician to exclude the risk of malign skin mutations. The actual removal is made by CO2 laser or excision with a scalpel.


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