Hair loss, baldness, thinning hair

Hair loss is caused by genetic factors in 95 percent of cases. Thinning hair represents a cause of distress for many of those affected and it compromises their quality of life.

Hair loss – cause and treatment

There is a basic distinction between three types of hair loss:

• Circular hair loss (Alopecia areata)
• Diffuse hair loss (thinning hair)
• Hereditary hair loss (Alopecia androgenica)

The types mentioned above are among the non-scarring forms of alopecia. This means no scars develop and the hair follicles remain intact. To halt these types of hair loss and to stimulate hair growth, mesotherapy with PRP is a suitable form of treatment.



Scarring types of alopecia, on the other hand, are irreversible. In these cases, hair loss can no longer be reversed.

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