HCG Diet (according to Dr. Simeon)

HCG diet is a promising weight reduction treatment suitable for men and women. By applying placental hormone HCG while reducing the calories consumed drastically at the same time, the weight can be reduced as desired. At our day clinic, we will attend you throughout the entire treatment. This service includes weekly check-ups and comprehensive diet advice.

What is the functional principle of HCG diet?

By applying placental hormone HCG on daily base, the body is given a feeling of satiety. This is because the hormones set the organism into a state of pregnancy, which makes the body try to maintain its blood sugar level. For this purpose it resorts to deposited fat, which it mobilizes. Applying HCG along with reducing the calories consumed drastically at the same time to not more than ca. 500 calories per day results in weight reduction especially at problematic areas.

Interesting is the fact that this diet does not involve any feelings of hunger. This is due to the fact that the blood sugar level is permanently kept at a minimum and hypoglycaemia (which usually is responsible for ravenous appetite) is thus avoided. In contrast, HCG has euphoriant, i.e. mood-lifting, effects and thus gives people a feeling of full power and activity. Tiredness and depression will not occur during an HCG diet.

Moreover, results become visible relatively quickly and people get inspired by their success. They are thus motivated to lose more weight. Research studies show and verify the effectiveness of this method, which – despite massive volume reduction (up to 10% of the intial weight within four weeks) ensures a perfect skin situation:  no wrinkles and possibly existing cellulite will be clearly improved.


Also perfect for men

HCG diets work just as well with men than they do with women. The hormone does not affect the male organism adversely in any form. Clients do thus not have to fear any unnecessary growth of the mammary gland not do they have to worry about their potency being impaired. Men will not experience any inactivity periods either even if they have to do physically hard work.

HCG Treatment Course

You will inject HCG subcutaneously once a day (we will thoroughly instruct you on how to do this).

After three days, the HCG will start to take full effect. For that reason you will not start with the actual diet before the 4th day and continue dieting for another 3 days after the injection treatment has been completed (usually after 28 days). While you are on diet, you will feel fine, will neither be hungry nor feel weak but remain full of energy and active instead.

The average weight loss during the treatment is about 1 to 2 kilos per week. The overall weight loss after the entire treatment is about 10% of the initial weight on average. However, you should ensure to strictly adhere to the duet to achieve best results.

When you come to our day clinic for your weekly check-up, we will provide you with the injections you need for the next week.  On this occasion, we will also discuss diet-related questions or problems you might have. All check-up-appointments are included with the price for the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does HCG stand for?

HCG is the abbreviation of human chorionic gonadotropin.

How long does the HCG treatment take?

23 – 28 days of injections are followed by at least 4 weeks of diet to ensure the result’s maintenance.

What will my diet plan be while I’m on the treatment?

We will provide you with a detailed nutrition/diet plan.

How much weight can I lose with HCG treatment?

Provided that you strictly adhere to the diet plan, you may expect a weight reduction of about 10% compared to your initial weight.

Do I have to expect a yoyo-effect?

Like is the case with all diets, we also recommend changing your dietary habits after undergoing HCG treatment in order to ensure you will be able to keep your desired weight in the long run. However, opposite to other so-called “crash-diets”, you lose only very few muscular mass undergoing HCG. Therefore, the body does not feel such a strong need to regain its initial weight.

How much will the HCG treatment cost me?

A 4-week HCG treatment (23 – 28 days) amounts to CHF 1,150.–. The weekly check-ups and precise instructions are included with the price.

Have you got any further questions?

Or would you like to ask Dr. Ledermann something specific about HCG diet?

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