What counteracts cellulite? Almost every woman has probably been thinking about this question already. No wonder – since cellulite is a specifically “female issue”. Men usually do not suffer from the nasty orange peel-syndrome. In order to understand cellulite we first have to address its causes.

What causes cellulite

First of all: cellulite is no health disorders but a natural biological phenomenon related to our body and does not affect health. From a cosmetic point of view, most of the people affected consider the bumps on the thighs and bottom a nuisance. The reason why it is almost exclusively women who are affected by the unwanted orange skin is due to the specific nature of women’s connective tissue and skin structure and to the way women respond to hormones. The female dermis is thinner than the male one.  On the other hand, the fatty tissue underneath it is thicker. Moreover, female collagen fibres have a parallel structure while with men they are net-like interwoven. When frat cells grow they press into the skin and cause the characteristic bumps. The question how bad someone’s cellulite is depends on their genetic disposition. Possible causes are e.g. thin skin, fluid retention, poor perfusion, or a weak connective tissue structure.


Other factors promoting cellulite are:

  • Overweight: the more fat has been stored in the lipocytes the worse is the related cellulite. The underlying cause frequently is an inadequate diet that contains too much fat and/or carbohydrates.
  • Lack of physical activity: the less active you are the fewer muscles are formed by your body. Wherever there are no muscles, fat cells can take the respective place. More physical activity also stimulates the blood flow.
  • Smoking: nicotine constricts the blood vessels, slows down metabolic processes and harms the structure of collagens in the skin.
was hilft gegen Cellulite?

Depending on its severity, cellulite is divided into 3 different degrees:

  • Type 1 cellulite: bumps are visible when the skin is pinched
  • Type 2 cellulite: minor bumps are visible when the affected person is standing but not when they lie down
  • Type 3 cellulite: bumps are visible when the affected person is laying down
cellulite behandlung

How can cellulite be counteracted?

Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT

Nearly every woman is affected by cellulite. The huge range of anti-cellulite-cream and other allegedly successful treatment approaches is thus not surprising. However, as a matter of fact cellulite cannot be conjured away. Ongoing treatment will effectively help to reduce cellulite, though. At our clinic, we have successfully treated type 1 – 3 cellulite with Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT.