Large pores

Large pores are a common cosmetic issue that affects both, women  and men. In the first place, the causes are of genetic nature and related to an excess production of sebum. The unattractively enlarged pores preferably affect nose and cheeks. The result is an unattractive complexion with rough pore structure.

How to make large pores smaller

Smooth and tender, like the “photoshopped” faces we see in magazines – this is what we would like our skin to look like. Unfortunately, this is not quite realistic. Frequently, our pores are enlarged and cannot even be covered by make-up. Generally, the size of our pores is at least partially determined by our genetic disposition and mainly depends on the amount of sebum produced by our skin. However, the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol will worsen enlarged pores.

How to counteract large pores

Even though various creams and substances are said to refine our skin structure, most of them actually show little to no effect. When it comes to effectively counteracting enlarged pores, our day clinic relies on various treatment options. They comprise laser treatments like Revlite laser-toning, CO2 lasers or micro-needling plus PRP. We have also applied Jet-peeling to achieve very good results in terms of dermal cleansing and refining the pore structure.

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Normale Poren

Normal-sized pores

Grosse Poren

Enlarged pores

Weisse Poren

Clogged pores (black)

Weisse Poren

Clogged pores (white)