Laser epilation: FAQ

Are there alternatives to laserepilation?

Yes, there are the traditional treatments, such as shaving, cream, waxing or plucking, which must be repeated after a certain period of time. Up to now, needle electric epilation has been the only process for removing unwanted hair permanently. This process is however, often very painful and time consuming for the treatment of large areas.

What does one have to know about laserepilation?

Laserepilation is at present the most efficient hair removal method. An excellent result is achieved with the latest generation of epilation laser devices. Depending on the part of the body, a reduction of 75 – 95 % of the hair thickness and density can be achieved with three to five treatments.The pain of laser epilation can be reduced to a degree which is easy to endure. The treatment is not harmful to the skin if the laser technology is used optimally.

What must be considered before the laser treatment?

It is advisable only to shave the areas to be treated at least six weeks before the treatment and not to have removed the hair by waxing or plucking. Also the skin must not be pre-tanned, i.e. one must refrain from sunbathing or visiting solariums at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to treatment. Three days before the treatment, the corresponding part of the body should be shaved again.

What happens in laser treatment?

After application of an anaesthetic cream which needs 1-1 ½ hours to take effect, the laser device sends out an energy rich ray of light through a laser hand piece, which is passed over the body at a fixed distance. In this way, the productive hair follicles are heated to a temperature above 65°C and lose the ability to produce a new hair. Two impulses per second are triggered and per impulse an area of just over 1 cm2 is covered. Thus the treatment of both lower legs lasts only approx. 40 minutes. After the treatment, special skin cream is applied and the skin areas which have now reddened a bit are cooled with cold gel compresses for ten minutes.

Is laser treatment pain-free?

Yes and no. A light stinging or burning is felt which, however, becomes more and more endurable after the first impulses. Many patients describe the treatment “as if a taut rubber band flicks against the skin”. The feeling of pain is greatly alleviated by applying an anaesthetic cream 1-1½ hours before the treatment. The sensitivity to pain, which varies extremely from individual to individual, is also an important point. Thus the verdicts after the treatments range from “I hardly felt a thing” to “that was quite painful”.

How frequently must one have a laser treatment?

The hair follicles in the treatment area which are producing hair are damaged selectively by the laser energy. In order to be able to treat the inactive hair follicles at the point in time of the laser epilation, three to five treatments are necessary at intervals of one to three months.

How long-lasting is the treatment?

Since this is a new process of hair removal, there is no certainty whether the success will last a lifetime. The senior physician at the Bodyclinic has been observing the results since 1997. During this time, the results for most clients have been very stable and it can be assumed with some certainty that the areas which have been free of hair for so long will indeed remain free of hair.

Is there any damage to the skin?

In general, the treatment does not cause any skin damage. Within 15 – 30 minutes after the laser epilation, the skin may be slightly or very reddened and the follicles may swell. This reaction subsides mostly after two hours, at the latest after one day. The cold pack which we lay on and a cooling special cream bring fast relief. If necessary, the client can apply the cream themselves once again at home.

Superficial crust formation can occur with very sensitive skin or if the dose of laser energy is too high. As a rule, these crusts break off within a few days and the skin remains unchanged.

How much will a laser epilation treatment cost me?

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