Permanent hair removal

Hair removal, epilation, depilation, laser epilation, hair removal with lasers, laser hair removal – different words for one and the same desire: permanent hair removal. An increasing number of sporting, body- and lifestyle-conscious people are having unwanted hair removed by laser technology. The possibility of laser treatment offers enormous relief to people who suffer from pathologically heavy hair growth.

An excellent result is achieved with the latest generation of the very efficient epilation lasers. Depending on different factors, such as part of the body, skin type, skin pigmentation, hair structure, hair pigmentation and hormonal components, a reduction of 75 – 95 % of the hair thickness and density can be achieved with three to six treatments.

laser epilation at the Bodyclinic in Zurich

The experience of the senior physician at the the Bodyclinic, Dr Ulrich Ledermann, over the last 21 years has been that openness is greatly appreciated by the clients. He mentions, for example, that laser epilation is not completely pain free, and also that laser technology must be used optimally for skin damage to be avoided.

Today laser epilation is the most long-lasting and gentlest method of hair removal. The Bodyclinic Team’s many years of experience guarantee first class treatment with the highest possible level of efficiency and client comfort.

treatment course

laser epilation