Our laser equipment in Zurich

Our day clinic’s top priorities are safety and reliability, high quality and our clients’ satisfaction. To meet these expectations, we consequently rely on state-of-the-art equipment. We exclusively use equipment made by approved manufacturers that meets the highest safety standards and convince us by their treatment performance.

Our laser equipment

Alexandrite laser “Apogee plus”

“Apogee plus” (launched to the market in September 2012) is the latest generation of alexandrite lasers developed by US-based company Cynosure in cooperation with some of the world’s leading laser centers and laser users. The Bodyclinic has been deploying the by now seventh generation of this excellent device since December 2012. With a performance of 20 Joule/cm² at 18mm beam diameter or 30 Joule/cm² at 15 mm beam diameter, respectively, and 2 Hz pulses, it is one of the most powerful and fastest alexandrite lasers in the world. The option to choose among various pulse lengths facilitates highest efficiency at ideal skin protection, as compared to other devices. As a result, undesirable hair is removed safely, quickly and lastingly.

Link to manufacturer’s website: www.cynosure.com



We use SPLENDOR X from the leading laser manufacturer “Lumenis” for permanent hair removal. The equipment features a unique, solid state laser system with unprecedented power, speed and coverage rate. The special thing about this equipment is the binary laser emission of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG, i.e. the combination of 1064 nm and 755 nm wavelengths. The technology targets hair follicles at two levels for greater results. The wavelengths can be adjusted according to the skin type, hair colour and hair thickness.

Cutera Xeo platform including:

NdYag laser “Cool-Glide Excell”

NdYag laser (1064nm) “Cool Glide Excel” was designed by Altus-Medical (today known as CUTERA) to allow for laser epilation and treatments of undesirable surface cutaneous vessels. With its performance of 60 Joule/cm² at 10 mm beam diameter and 2 Hz pulses, it is an extremely fast and efficient NdYag laser. The low absorption level for this light color through pigmented structures leads to the key advantage that this laser is also most suitable for tanned and/or very dark skin types. (A specific application for this laser is for instance chronic facial hair follicle inflammations suffered from by black Africans).

“Titan” IPL device 1100-1800nm

this specifically designed “intense pulsed light” device allows for selectively heating deeper skin layers. The heat applied causes the dermal collagen fibers to contract, which lifts the skin.

“Limelight” IPL device 520-1200 nm

a special “smart” IPL device that facilitates a three-step adjustable wavelength spectrum (520;560;600-1200nm) and provides variable cooling for the sapphire glass, which has been specifically designed to treat large-scale pigmentation (freckles, sun and age marks) and delicate dilated vessels (couperosis) / flushing.

“AcuTip” IPL device 500-635nm

a narrow-band “intense pulsed light” device, designed for the punctual and precise treatment of vascular changes (e.g. spider nevus) and individual pigmented spots.

“Prowave770” IPL device

being the latest development in the sector of epilation devices, “Prowave770” allows for shifting the light spectrum in three steps. In combination with extremely reliable sapphire glass cooling, it is possible to treat even tanned skin safely and nearly without any adverse side effects. However, better results are still achieved in shorter time with dark hair on bright skin.

Link to manufacturer’s website: www.cutera.com

Fractional CO2 Laser “E-CO2”

This fractional CO2 laser designed by Lutronic provides extremely versatile setting options to treat most various dermal problems.

The Bodyclinic deploys the E-CO2 for the purpose of skin regeneration in the treatment of light to medium wrinkles – specifically in the eye and upper lip-area – and likewise to reduce irregular pigmentation prevention with sun-stressed skin. E-CO2 is also perfect for minor surgical intervention to remove dermal growths like fibroma, genital and other warts, etc.

Moreover, this device has turned out to be perfect pre-treatment for tattoo removals and excellent in improving the complexion in presence of acne and other scars.

Link to manufacturer’s website: www.lutronic.com
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Q-switched NdYag Laser “Revlite”

“Revlite” made by ConBio/Cynosure and “QX max” made by Fotona are the world’s most powerful Q-switched NdYag laser. With 8mm beam diameter and a clean and even beam profile, it is perfectly suited for removing tattoos quickly without leaving any scars. Frequency doubling to 532nm as well as transformation to 585nm and 650nm even allow for the removal of multi-colored tattoos.

Other possible applications are the treatment of all kinds of pigment disorders, laser peeling and laser toning.

Especially laser toning has proven to be an excellent option to revitalize the skin and to treat scars and stretch marks without any downtimes and limitations in sun exposition.

Link to manufacturer’s website: www.cynosure.com

Body shaping and anti-aging equipment

DermapenTM 3MD – the original micro-needling system

With DermapenTM, we’ve got an outstanding micro-needling system for skin rejuvenation and tightening at hand. Dermapen 3MD penetrates the skin up to 2.5 mm deep in order to activate the fibroblast cascade deep down in the dermis. With respect to scar treatment, deeper applications are more promising because they stimulate the proliferation of normal collagen to replace the cicatricial tissue.

Link to manufacturer’s website: www.dermapenworld.com
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Vital InjectorTM

The Vital Injector V2 is a multi needle injection system (mesotherapy-gun). With this system the exact dosage, penetration depth, vacuum pressure and speed can be adapted for the desired intervention. In our surgery the system is mainly used for antiaging treatments and mesotherapy for hair loss.

JetPeelTM Medical

With JetPeelTM Medical, our day clinic relies on the original employing the patented Jet-technology. JetPeelTM Medical effectively covers a broad dermo-cosmetic application range: from non-invasive skin enhancement with vital substances and deep-cleansing at the same time, hydration and exfoliation all the way to reinforcing the effectiveness of other treatments like e.g. as enhancement of laser or ILP treatments.

Link to manufacturer’s website: www.landsberg.eu
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Clatuu AlphaTM

With Clatuu AlphaTM, we back our cryolipolysis treatments on state-of-the-art technology. Clatuu AlphaTM meets the highest quality expectations in terms of measurement control and treatment effectiveness.

Link to manufacturer’s website: www.lasermed.ch
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DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« für AWT

When it comes to AWT (acoustic wave treatment) for skin lifting and anti-cellulite treatments, our day clinic relies on the excellent DUOLITH® SD1 “ultra“ made by Storz Medical.

Link to manufacturer’s website: www.storzmedical.com
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