Pale skin

As we grow older, various body processes (unfortunately) decelerate – for instance, the supply of the facial skin with its tiny vessels. The skin is thus not perfused as good as before and forfeits its rosy “gleam”. It looks weary and fatigued. An unhealthy lifestyle, stress, not enough sleep, poor nutritional habits, cigarettes etc. account for the rest.

How to regain a radiant complexion

It is the nature of the thing that your complexion will not look fresh and young anymore as you grow older. For the most part, this is caused by a permanent decrease of the skin’s oxygen content, which leads to a rather pale complexion. When it comes to counteracting weary skin, our day clinic relies on micro-needling, Jet-peeling and und Revlite laser-toning. Depending on the respective expectations and aspired treatment success, the applied procedures can also be combined with each other. In every case, the result is a complexion that appears younger and more radiant.

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