Prices Bodyshaping & Bodyforming

Cryo Lipolysis

Fat reduction by cold

1 zone belly with extra large applicator
750.-  (–20% discount until 30.4.2021)

2 zones simultaneously
950.- (–20% discount until 30.4.2021)
(Ex. hips/saddle bags)

1 zone small/medium
550.- (–20% discount until 30.4.2021)

2 zones small/medium
750.- (–20% discount until 30.4.2021)



Serial treatments for body contouring / Treat to Transform (T2T)
For 3 treatment zones or more, 10% discount on the total amount

Cryo Lipolysis in combination with other bodyforming treatments
10% discount for immediate payment of the entire invoice amount.

AWT (accoustic wave treatment) Bodyshaping

Anti-Cellulite Treatment, Waistline Reduction, Skin tightening

Small, 2 areas according to plan.
ca. 20-30 min. e.g. Abdomen or buttocks or thighs forward.
1 treatment: 110.-
Set of 5 treatments 510.-

Set of 10 treatments 990.-

Large, 4 areas according to plan
ca. 50-60 min. e.g. Thighs and buttocks or thighs front and back.
1 treatment: 195.-
Set of 5 treatments: 860.-
Set of 10 treatments: 1600.-


Vital Injector mesotherapy for the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks

Fr. 680.– to Fr. 800.–

with PRP
+ Fr. 200.–

Injection Lipolysis (||fat away injection||)

For the reduction of local fat deposits
ab 450.- / session

(there are additional costs of 130.- CHF for the used drug)


Microneedling (Dermapen®) with serum

for better skin structuire and tightening
e.g. Saddlebags, knees, upper arms, abdomen
only available in subscription

ab 250.- / session

From 3 treatments
10% discount

In combination with AWT
15% discount

Bodygee 3D full body documentation

Single measurement including interpretation


HCG Diet

4 weeks HCG treatment
(23 – 28 days). Weekly follow-up appointments and exact instructions are included in the price.


Body fat measurement with 'InBody 720'

Bio-impedance measurement for the determination of body fat, muscle mass, water content and its distribution
80.- Single measurement, including interpretation

All prices are in CHF.

Prices shown may be subject to change. The current pricelist is available at the clinic. We provide you with an exact quotation during a personal consultation which involves no commitment on your part whatsoever. The first consultation costs 150.-. In case that You decide to have a treatment with us, 100.- will be counted as prepayment for Your first treatment. Please arrange an appointment with our office (Telephone: +41 (0) 44 387 99 20).