Prices laser epilation / hair removal

Prices shown may be subject to change. The current pricelist is available at the clinic. The Bodyclinic calculates the prices according to the number of laser impulses used (the larger the area, the more impulses are necessary) and the time required. For a first consultation with a trial treatment we charge 150.- CHF, of this 100.- CHF will be counted towards a first treatment. Post-treatment checks, if necessary, are included in these prices.

The guideline prices for epilation with the Alexandrite laser Apogee plus the NdYag Laser Cool Glide Excell and the IPL device Prowave are:

laser epilation face

upper lip or chin
180.- (all-in)

Upper lip and chin
230.- (all-in)

Upper lip/chin/neck/cheeks (facial hair on women)
from 300.-

Beard line correction
from 250.-

Beard removal for men

from 300.00

laser epilation body

Armpits on both sides
260.- (all-in)

Armpits + bikini in one session
from 480.-

from 250.-

from 200.-

Chest and belly 
from 500.-

from 380.-

Bikini / genital area
(for men and women)
from 420.-

Both lower legs
from 750.-

Upper legs and bikini
from 750.-

Lower arms
from 450.-

Full arms
from 650.-

Shoulder / back
from 350.-

All prices are in CHF.

We provide you with an exact quotation during a personal consultation which involves no commitment on your part whatsoever. The first consultation costs 150.-. In case that You decide to have a treatment with us, 100.- will be counted as prepayment for Your first treatment. Please arrange an appointment with our office (Telephone: +41 (0) 44 387 99 20).