Spider naevi (Naevus araneus)

Spider naevi are alterations of the vessels that show in form of small red vascular nodules with the vessels running out in shape of a spider web. This skin mutation frequently shows on the face, neck or the rest of the body.

What causes spider naevi

Spider naevi usually are caused by harmless dermal vascularisation. However, the phenomenon might also be related to conditions like liver cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis or appear in the age of puberty or during pregnancy. Perfectly healthy people can also suffer from spider naevi. It is thus not inappropriate to draw the conclusion of possibly suffering from a health problem when you discover them. We recommend consulting your doctor instead.

How to remove spider naevi

For most of the people affected, spider naevi are an aesthetic problem. In most of all cases, this can easily be solved by laser treatment. Nevertheless, we recommend  having spider naevi examined before they are being removed.

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