Stretch Marks

What can you do to counteract stretch marks? This is a question not only women who have recently been pregnant are concerned with. The unpleasant stretch marks are not only experienced in pregnancy but can just as well be caused by overweight, adolescent growth spurts or simply by weak connective tissue. By the way: not only women are affected by stretch marks. As a consequence of growth spurts or massive bodybuilding activities, men might also get them.

What causes stretch marks?

As a result of the skin stretching in pregnancy, the elastic fibres are damaged, which causes so-called stretch marks. Other causes that promote the occurrence of stretch marks might be hormone-related or an increase in weight. Stretch marks mainly appear on the buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen or breasts. With men they will usually show on the back or – as is the case with bodybuilders – on the inside of the upper arms.


What actually are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are minor ruptures in the subcutaneous tissue. Especially after giving birth to a child, when the skin contracts again, reddish stripes of various widths remain visible. Later on they will change into white-coloured, usually retracted scars.