Sun-damaged skin (Elastose)

As pleasant as the sunlight may be, it also has adverse effects. Apart from the skin cancer that it might cause in the worst case, UV radiation also destroys the skin’s collagen and elastin fibres that are responsible for its tightness, vigour and elasticity. The consequence: Sun-damaged skin.

How to treat sun-damaged skin

Your skin will never forget. Every sunburn is like a small piece of the puzzle on the way to sun-damaged skin. Sun-damaged skin is also known as elastosis. This term describes the alteration skin areas undergo, which have repeatedly been exposed to intense sunlight. Characteristic symptoms of elastosis are deep lines and a leathery skin structure. Elastosis is a typical symptom of ageing.

Treating sun-damaged skin requires a lot of patience and generally several sessions. Food treatment results can be achieved by using the fractional CO2-laser, limelight-IPL, microneedling or jetpeel.