Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser-based tattoo removal work?

The laser “fires at” the respective area and thus breaks the colour pigments to smallest particles. They are then absorbed by so-called scavenger cells and the lymphatic system takes them to the next lymph node, where they are deposited.

Can tattoos of all kinds and colours be removed?

Yes and no. Dark colours (like black or blue) are easiest to remove. Different shades of red can also well be removed. Brighter colours, in particular light blue, violet, or yellow, are a bit more difficult. Turquoise and light green are most difficult to laser. However, pico-second laser Picosure made by Cynosure also removes so-called “problematic colours” quite reliably.

How many laser treatment sessions will be required to fully remove a tattoo?

The idea of removing a tattoo in just one laser session unfortunately is wishful thinking.  This is impossible. Usually, it takes several treatment sessions.  The question how any laser treatments are actually required depends on various factors:

  • the tattoo ink’s composition and/or the tattoo’s colour
  • amateur or professional tattoo
  • size and structure of the tattoo
  • amount of colour pigments in the skin (density and depth)
  • the tattoo’s age (the older the more treatment sessions)
  • the part of the body tattooed

Permanent make-up that hasn’t been renewed is frequently removed in just 2-3 sessions.

To remove simple dark tattoos usually takes 6-8 sessions. However, in difficult cases 10-15, maybe even 20 sessions might be needed.

For tattoo removal in fewer sessions, Bodyclinic Zurich offers the so-called R0 method. This treatment approach applies the QS- NdYag laser 3 times in one session. Additional treatment with a fractional CO2 laser can also accelerate the decomposition of colour pigments and improve the skin structure. Read more about it here (link to different approaches).


At what intervals should the individual treatment sessions take place?

The time that should pass in between the individual sessions depends on the respective client’s skin regeneration capacities, skin type and the part of the body tattooed. After the laser treatment, the skin has to recover and the immune system needs time to evacuate the pigment particles. Depending on the treatment’s intensity, the next treatment session can normally take place about 6-8 weeks after the one before.

Is tattoo removal painful?

Yes and no. In general, it does hurt to remove tattoos – more than it does to get tattooed. To reduce the pain, Bodyclinic offers pre-treatment with anaesthetic cream. Additionally, the treated area is cooled intensely during the treatment to also reduce the pain significantly. If almost pain-free tattoo removal is requested, we also offer our clients injections with local anaesthetics.

Will I have scars after my tattoo has been removed?

If applied carefully, the QS-Nd:YAG laser does not cause any scars. However, slight alterations in your skin structure might remain visible for an extended period after the treatment. For a good result, it is extremely important the client carefully and consequently adheres to our post-treatment recommendations.

Does laser-based tattoo removal bear any adverse side effects?

After the treatment, your skin will be reddened and swollen. Rarely ever patients experience scabbing. Please do not scratch off any scabs but allow them to heal up being covered by an ointment bandage in order to make sure there won’t be any scars. Picosure-laser treatments occasionally lead to superficial blisters that do, though, not leave any scars. Clients who naturally have a very dark skin tone might experience pigmentation brightening that does usually fade away after a while. Please ensure you comply with all care instructions given by Dr. Ledermann.

How much will it cost me to remove a tattoo?

Single-coloured, dark tattoos: from CHF 250,-/session

Multi-coloured, complex tattoos: from CHF 450,-/session

after R0(3 treatments in 1 session) single-coloured from CHF 450,-/session

after R0 (3 treatments in 1 session) multi-coloured from CHF 750,-/session

Picosure: to be agreed specifically (from CHF 550,-)

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