Wrinkle Treatment with Botulinum Toxin A

Botulin treatment has long been established as effective anti-wrinkle treatment. Botulin toxin is perfect for reducing mimic lines purposefully and removing unwanted wrinkles. For instance, botulin treatments can be applied to counteract glabella wrinkles, lines next to the eyes (crow’s feet) or transverse forehead wrinkles.

Botulin Toxin at our Day Clinic in Zurich

Medicine has long been using this substance in the treatment of various neurological disorders. 20 years ago, Dr. Jean and Alastair Carruthers were the first to use botulinum toxin to treat expression lines. (An interesting interview was published in Annabelle on 7.8.2012: “Botox: who invented it?”)

At the Bodyclinic, pros and cons, effects as well as possible unwanted side effects of botulinum toxin treatments will be thoroughly explained to and discussed with you. We make use of photographic documentation to define the ideal approach for your individual case.

In this course, we may also analyze other expression lines and integrate them in the treatment. Furthermore, possible alternatives and combined treatments can then be discussed.

According to our longstanding experience, “less is frequently more” when it comes to achieving and maintaining harmonic facial expressions.


Botox-Behandlung Zürich

The regulatory board for pharmaceutical products in Switzerland, “Swissmedic”, is enforcing very restrictive regulations for advertising and website-information for Botulinum Toxin. Due to this, physicians in Switzerland are allowed to publish on their websites only reduced information about Botox-treatments. We will gladly inform You extensively during a personal consultation. (swissmedic Botulinumtoxin Leitlinien).


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is botulin toxin?

Botulinum toxin A is a natural, purified protein that is made from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum.

According to what principle does botulin toxin counteract wrinkles?

After the intramuscular injection of even smallest amounts of the substance the transmission of nerve impulses is suspended, and the respective muscle will be immobilized.

What kind of wrinkles can be treated with botulin toxin?

Glabella wrinkles (wrinkle in between the eyebrows), crow’s feet (wrinkles next to the eyes). Mimic wrinkles, excessive sweating in the armpits. More options can be thoroughly discussed within the scope of your consultation.

Will I be fit for social activities right after undergoing a botulin treatment?

Generally, there are no inactivity periods due to sick leave. However, minor injection sites may be visible. In rare cases, clients suffer from minor bruises caused by fine cutaneous vessels being injured through the injection. These bruises will fade after just a few days.

When does botulin toxin take effect and how long does it last?

Usually, it takes about 2 to 5 days for the desired effect to start showing. The maximum effect shows after 1 to 2 weeks. The effect lasts for about 4 to 6 months.

Can botulin treatments be repeated as often as I want?

Nothing speaks against repeating botulin toxin treatments. So far decreases in the effectiveness have not been observed. Neither will you have to fear adverse side effects caused by repeated treatment.

Are there any adverse side effects?

Provided that the botulin treatment is applied by an experienced physician, it is considered a highly reliable anti-wrinkle treatment. The injection might cause minor bruises or swellings. In rare cases clients felt temporarily unwell, suffered from tiredness or headache. Also in rare cases, clients suffered from allergic reactions, itching or skin rash. Theoretically, temporary facial paralysis is possible. However, if your applying doctor is experienced with this treatment, this should actually be excluded.

How much does The Bodyclinic in Zurich charge for botulin treatments?

Depending on the kind of wrinkle treated and the intensity of the treatment needed the prices range from CHF 400,– to CHF 580,–. Please find our detailed price list here.

Does The Bodyclinic in Zurich also offer botulin treatments against hydrosis (excessive sweating)?

Yes. We also offer botulin treatments against excessive sweating.